Let your CNC
pay you back!

Elevate your hobby into a business with our well-documented, easy-to-make CNC projects that fit in most hobby CNC routers such as Shapeoko, X-Carve and Onefinity.

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This seller went way above and beyond in getting this together for multiple different CNC routers and instructions were phanominal! I want more from this seller!
@ Woodartbynight
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I was eyeing this file up for a while and finally decided to give it a go. I must say it was perfect! The design of the chair, the instructions and cut. Can't wait to make another. Thank you!
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Finally a program that delivers as promised. Just finished the first cutout and every part is perfect. The assembly instructions are very detailed. Keep up the good work.

Step-by-step printable PDF guides included

Each design is thoroughly tested in an actual workshop and accompanied with an illustrated step-by-step printable PDF guide.

The designs and the guides go through an iterative process of constant improvements suggested by the people who actually fabricate and sell these chairs. 

Designs that fit in the smallest machines

All designs fit in machines as small as 16″ by 32″.

Fits in most models of:

  • Shapeoko
  • Onefinity
  • Xcarve
  • Workbee/Queenbee

Compatible with Shaper Origin, Maslow, MPCNC machines, you name it!

Commercial usage is encouraged!

While it’s not allowed to re-distribute/sell/share the files, you are free to sell your crafts locally or online as an individual or sole proprietor. 

Larger business can join the Patreon team for unlimited commercial use.

Easy to sell

People stop when they see these repeated curves. 

Whether they were scrolling and saw you ad or they were passing by your shop, bypasser’s attention is guaranteed!

These chairs can be used to attract people attention to any store.

Easy to cut and build

  • No complex cutting operations or joints
  • No exotic tools needed – just sand paper, spanners, a hack saw
  • All paths are cut-through in a single job with a single tool.
  • No tool changes needed. No need to set work zero between runs
  • Any endmill from 1/8″ to 1/4″ is supported.
  • The process is easy to scale because the assembly and sanding doesn’t require any skills or education.

Efficient use of plywood for lean fabrication at home

Most of the chairs take just one 3/4″ plywood sheet to make and Spark takes just half-sheet!

All parts are pre-laid in efficient layouts for different machine sizes.

Durable designs that last

With proper finish and maintenance, plywood can last decades.

In fact, we are using the same plywood and finishing as they use to build boats.

All chairs are tightened with threaded rods that makes them very firm and rigid. 

All items can be undone, sanded and refinished easily.