Let your CNC machine make cash!

Easy-to-sell furniture designed for hobby CNC machines

How is it better?

While finger (castle) joints seem appealing at first, they rely a lot on the plywood thickness consistency. Even a slight variation in sheet thickness can cause loose joint or the one that doesn’t fit at all. Better furniture designs don’t use finger joints to simplify the production.

Better furniture designs and build guides are created in a way that even if you make a mistake, it is easy to fix.

The Rapid Manufacturing System speeds up the sanding step of the production more than 10 times. All layouts conveniently fit into standard plywood sheets without excess waste.

While the design and the files are protected by the US copyright law, you can sell the chairs you make as a private individual without any additional license.

If you have any issues or questions – I am always here to help, just message hello@better.furniture.

All designs come with pre-made layouts for the most efficient plywood cuts – 24″ by 24″ and 16″ by 32″. The parts are aligned in the most compact way to reduce waste and the number of GCODE files one needs to create.

All cuts are cut-through. Any endmills up to 1/4″ are supported. Set the Z zero at the table and reuse the same GCODE over and over without a need to set your workspace again.

Inspired by the Lego manuals, our guides take months to create. The guides make it possible to easily delegate the finishing and assembly process to hired workers or family members.

We use marine plywood for this chairs and if it’s finished properly, it can last decades before it needs to be refinished. The chairs are heavy and durable and tested to hold up 220 lbs (100 kg) without a squeak.

The unusual novel curves of the chairs stop people’s eyes and make them wonder. The curves repetition amplifies the effect, making any photo of these chair look interesting and fresh. 

Illustrated PDF guides

Each design was build multiple times to create the best possible build guides

Fits in smallest machines

All designs fit in 24" by 24" and 16" by 32" machines and larger

Commercial usage is allowed

While the design files can't be redistributed, the actual physical chairs that you made can be sold.

Thought-through design

There are no complex joinery, the chairs are strong and durable.

Customer reviews

Mark Martinez
Mark Martinez
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Great file! Cut and assembled in 2 days on my Shapeoko 3 XXL. Used the 24x24 file. Everything lined up perfectly. Easy part is done, the hard part is adding a finish. Looking forward for more files. Thank you!
A Woodsmithee
A Woodsmithee
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I haven't even cut this yet, but the responsiveness of the designer was very impressive and thorough. I wish he'd make more designs to buy! I have loaded the files into my cnc and it all looks very straight forward and well laid out for many different machine configurations
Chad@ Woodartbynight
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I was eyeing this file up for a while and finally decided to give it a go. I must say it was perfect! The design of the chair, the instructions and cut. Can't wait to make another. Thank you!